5 Wonderful Ways to brighten up your desk! #EtsyDeskie
5 Wonderful Ways To Brighten Your Desk

Have you been feeling the lull this Winter at all? I most certainly have been! I thought it was high time I did something drastic in my craft … drastic like TIDYING THE DESK. Oh the horror!

Turns out, it wasn’t so bad. I do have a bad habit of just letting things pile up. No more. I had a lot of fun perusing the Etsy, dress your desk section and picking up little bits and pieces to adorn my workspace.  Continue reading >>

How To Make An Origami Heart Gift Box with pretty ribbons

How To Make An Origami Heart Gift Box

Hello from Silvia of Giochi di Carta! :)

It’s passed a bit of time from my last DIY for Craft Cafe, and I’m very happy to share again one of my paper project!

It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday so why not try to make your own gift box?! 
What’s inside your heart? What do you want to give to your loved one? Put it in this box and give it to those who love …
I show you how to build the box!
Continue reading >>

How To Customize Your Daily Planner

How To Customise Your Daily Planner!

We have got a monster of a post for you today! Today I am sharing my 2016 Planner with you, I have built it with A LOT of printables, mostly paid but some free too and I’m sharing a free download for you. If you visit this blog with any regularity, you may know that I am a little obsessed with planners, I love them. If I could get my head around using more than one at a time, I would! Get yourself organised with the free printable stickers and lots of inspiration from inside my own planner. It took a few weeks to get everything pulled together and I am so happy with it!  Continue reading >>


A No Hassle Mini Guide For Upgrading Your Bathroom Decor!

After recovering from Christmas, New Years and initial planner fuelled excitement for the New Year (it can’t just be me. Can it?!). The so called dust has settled and now it’s time to start one of those big projects that you’ve wanted to start (for far too long). Continue reading >>

5 Creative Journals For All Skill Levels!

Ever since the artist Keri Smith released her fabulous book ‘Wreck This Journal’, almost 10 years ago, the world of creative journalling has exploded. Many artists and meditation enthusiasts the world over, are picking up these journals as either a gateway into the creative world (like I did, back in 2009) or are experienced creatives who realise the need, or importance of a little meditative creativity in their busy lives.

Start Now creativity journal -5 Creative Journals for all skill levels Continue reading >>

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