A Glorious And Awesome Summer Of Crochet Projects

My Glorious and awesome summer of crochet

My Glorious And Awesome Summer Of Crochet

I can’t believe it’s autumn. Not just yet. I suppose it’s still in the transition phase, isn’t it? I decided it was time to show my summer and all the yummy yarn and super simple crochet projects I took on. I love crochet and always feel a bit sad when the weather gets that bit warmer. When I started to crochet I thought it was all about blankets, scarves and beanie hats. How wrong was I? I’ve seen so many amazing crochet projects on sites like Ravelry and Pinterest and I love to crochet pretty simple projects that could be finished in a day, so finding lots of little homewares, accessories and amigurumi was a real treasure chest. The fact that I was sad about the warmer temperature, meant that I must really love crochet. As all I want to do in the evening is cozying up and working on a project! Why do I love crochet? Is it how serene it makes me (due to the focus)? The fact that it was so easy, I managed to learn it?!  The final results? Perhaps it’s a mixture of all 3 answers. Continue reading →

Gorgeous New Prints From Cath Kidston For AW2015

The Gorgeous New Prints from Cath Kidston AW 2015

Gorgeous New Prints From Cath Kidston Autumn Winter 2015 - Click through to see more from the collection over at hearthandmadeuk

Am I the only one who is fed up of the weather Britain has had this ‘summer’? Are you ready to wrap up warm with (Cath Kidston) scarves, layers and snuggle up at the end of the day with a cuppa and a blanket?

I absolutely love autumn. Not quite cold enough that you need to dress like it is Antarctica outside but not warm enough that you break sweat at the lift of a finger. Autumn is the time of year when maroons, burnt oranges, dark greens and grey are all in and well luckily for me, my skin tone and hair colour look great with that colour palette. Continue reading →

5 Gloriously Shabby Instagrammers To Follow Today

5 GLORIOUSLY SHABBY INSTAGRAMMERS TO FOLLOW TODAY!5 Gloriously Shabby Instagrammers To Follow Today

After the success of my earlier instagram post, I thought I would share my favourite shabby chic instagrammers to follow. I follow a lot of shabby chic instagram accounts and I found it quite difficult to narrow it down to 5! In my collage above, I have featured all 5 of the accounts in one image, going from left to right I would like to let you know who they are: 1.@gammaltochvitt, 2.@lille_ting, 3.@mister_shabby, 4.@lillablanka,, 5.@jazzrose82. They’re all rather fabulous! I hope you see something you like. Continue reading →

The Craft Room Diaries

The Craft Room Diary at Heart Handmade UK

Welcome to my first installment in the Craft Room Diaries! I love my craft room, it’s so bright and airy; it’s full of colour and it makes me happy. It’s a great space to work in. Now, in this particular post I will be sharing images that I have taken over the past 8 months in the craft room and some images are SHAMEFUL! Images that I shot during separate photo shoots for the Summer Magazine. Needless to say, the place was an absolute mess. Please don’t judge me. Continue reading →

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