24 Of The Best Ideas To Fill Your Notebooks


24 Of The Best Notebook Ideas

In january of  2012 I created a post that I had intented help me attempt to deal with the amount of blank notebooks I own; I am a stationery junky.  We got up to number 17 on the list which you can see here. I did secondary posts with number 18;A DIY Planner, inspired by LikeGiselle and number 19; An envelope/pocket memory keeping notebook, and at the same time I was furiously writing little notes for more ideas to fill notebooks (I own A LOT of blank notebooks). Today I shall be sharing the updated list with some images to share said ideas in practice… I will then be returning, extracting ideas and showing you the newest ‘soon to be filled up’ notebooks!

This image is a little DIY notebook I made using scrapbook paper and bakers twine to bind it, that is one of my favourite, super simple crafts to make but I had to stop myself from making said notebooks as they were beginning to pile up and lay untouched!
Now we have the list! If you can think of anything else to add-on to the list or if you have any examples, let me know in the comments below, tweet me @hearthandmadeuk or share on instagram @hearthandmade and tag with #showmeyournotebooks

notebook ideas

1. Goals Notebook
2. A Blog Log
3. A Quotes Journal
4. Favourite Recipes
5. Fabric Swatches
6. Yarn Swatches
7. Seasonal Art Journal
8. A doodle practice book
9. A ‘To Do’ Daily notebook
10. Typography/lettering Practice
11. An Ongoing Inspiration Journal (nothing pretty just stick in magazine cut outs and jot down notes)
12. A Gratitude Journal (explained in post)
13. A Brainstorm Book
14. A reading log
15. Journal Prompts
16. Gardening Planner
17. Rubber Stamp/Ink Pad Log

You can view more details and some photos on the list above on my original post from January.

18. DIY Planner
19. An Envelope Scrap Mini book as a gift
21. To Shoot/Photograph List Book
22. Moodboard Notebook (Similar to No.11 but dedicated to the mood board format)
23. Colourful Paper Inventory Notebook
24. A Craft Supplies Inventory

Shoot List Notebook Ideas

words Playing-with-pencil

#10 – Using a Grid/Square paged notebook for lettering practice! you can view more via this post and how I learnt decorative writing.

#1 – A Goals notebook (created in my art journal at the beginning of 2012, inspired by a Lettering Class I was taking under the very talented tutelage of Stephanie Ackerman).

#22 – Moodboard Notebook – My peaches and cream wedding party mood board notebook. This A4 notebook is actually full of mood boards including plans for my office decor, bedroom decor/make over, living room decor/makeover etc. I shall take lots of pictures and give a more detailed insight!

Now I want to know if you have any suggestions for notebooks? What do you use your notebooks for?

Washi Tape Graphic (included in top image) from Pugly Pixel

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