Retro Home DIY Ideas for Decor | Colourful Flea Market Thrift Style

Be still my beating heart! Anthropologie plates, cath kidston cutlery and home made vintage sheet fabric appliqué towels! Gorgeous ^_^ Not just flea market style but a little homespun too. Gorgeous colours for summer.
Pom Pom trim can make pillows look fabulous! You could also cut a panel from a vintage tea towel, hanky or table runner and attach it to a cushion. I love that large gingham print.

Get some fabric and decoupage a mirror frame. I love the shelf and how fabulous would this look covered in liberty fabric?! My word. The thought of it excites me far too much lol.

Vintage book prints in frame make a really interesting wall art. I really like vintage floral prints but I can’t really find any good quality ones. I have lots in black and white but I like a little colour. I have some excellent vintage/retro books that I do actually use; guides for keeping orchids and the like. But nasty 1980s colour photos lol. A good resource none the less

Love those Anthropologie cups! I love that shop. If only it were cheaper. Although it is my birthday in a few months so I may get my birthday list on the go :p anytime Ive been lucky enough to receive anthro crockery NOBODY is allowed to use it ever! DONT BREAK IT!!!! lol. Its for pretty ^_^ I love those tiles too. I would love those above my sink in the bathroom.

Look at that lamp!!! and those wallpaper rolls. AND the sofa! And that trunk! omg quickly! get me everything. I love the shape of that sofa. Not the floral cushion, possibly all the mustard colour. Id love to see it in different colours. I want that lamp. so much I can’t even tell you! possibly in white.

Love these colours! Although with irish weather I think that colour would be quite depressing and far too dark. Im a big huge fan of bright colours and space to give the illusion of a bigger room. I like the colours of those books beside the radio.. its a gorgeous colour palette idea! I remember someone having a sideboard like that… I can see the knobs on the cupboard that I hated but for the life of me I can’t remember where Ive seen it… I mean I was a kid when this all went on. Around the time those were all the rage :p

Originally from Homes and Antiques from May 2012.

Stylist – (Kiera Buckley-Jones) and the photographer (Carolyn Barber)
The stylist Kiera was kind enough to send over the cover image of Homes and Antiques which Im sure you would be able to purchase somehow (as a back issue via the homes and antiques website)

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