Picture Perfect Tea Party | Pretty Pink and Vintage Cups

Gorgeous party inspiration! I just love the colours on this cake. Ive never seen a tea cup as a cake topper before!! I only have a couple of cups and saucers as they are far too small to hold a decent cup of tea. I could drink it by the pint.. in fact… I think my mug is half a litre lol. I love tea ^_^

I would love to be able to ice a cake like this! Although nobody would be allowed to eat it haha. I recently had rose flavoured buttercream…. it was frigin delicious!! Just like turkish delight. mm mmm lovely! I must see if I can buy flavouring. Although if I make cupcakes I know for a fact I will end up eating them all. When my sweet tooth takes over there is no self control. It just doesn’t exist and I get phat. 

That looks like a ‘Truly Scrumptious’ cake stand! I love those wee roses on the buns. Are those sugar paste? Absolutely gorgeous. Goodness.. haven’t had a bun like that in donkeys! 

ooOoo these are making me so hungry for cupcakes or just a giant bowl of buttercream icing!  I would definitely make myself sick :p 

*gasp* look!!! And it looks like raspberry buttercream! I want to taste. What is on that spoon? Is it a wee rabbit? Crikey I am dying for a cupcake now. 

Im going to have to add these to my colour journal (that’s in progress) the colours and vintage glassware are just so beautiful! I just love all these colours.. my favourite this season especially. Last year my favourite colour was mustard. Coral and shades of coral are making me so happy this year.. seriously… where are all the buns….. 

Seen on Somewhere Splendid ^_^

Lots of love Claire xo

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