DIY Storage, Arist Prompts & Sarah Ahearn Bellemare

Decoupage Storage Boxes for Cut Out Artist Prompts

2 Minute creative artist prompts from Sarah Ahearn Bellemare

So I’m addicted to the Let’s Chip It Tool.. you may see these colour palettes peter off soon.. I will probably forget! Annnnyway! This marvellous paper designed by Michelle Clement for Sassafras lass donkeys ago, is my absolute favourite. I had some little boxes that make up and what not had come in which were a perfect size for housing my Sarah Ahearn Bellemare two minute prompts from her book Painted Pages. All I did was ‘photocopy’ using my scanner/printer situation, cut them up and threw them in that little box. I’ve used them quite a few times and I just love the colours on the boxes.

Decoupage Sassafras Lass Boxes

I absolutely love the patterns and colour of this Sassafrass paper and it’s such a shame that the range isn’t made anymore. I love it so much I would buy everything that came in the range! Stickers, pages, you name it, I want it!

Sassafras Lass Decoupage Boxes with Sarah Ahearn Bellemare Two Minute prompts

Here you can see all my little challenges and a few little crate paper embellishments! I love the polka dot paper, I think it’s by Crate Paper. Pretty colours for spring time. Do you see the bottom box? It’s actually a papier mache book that I bought from hobby craft. It’s about A5 size and is shaped like a book, but it is actually a little storage box. I wish I had taken more photos to show you properly how it looks inside!
Papier Mache book box
I had a little bit of trouble smoothing out the edges but it has made great storage for photos for my inspiration wall!
I highly recommend Sarah Ahearn Bellemare’s book by the way! Here is a little peek;

I love the mixed media journals that Sarah creates and I am actually obsessed wtih her book.

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