DIY Fabric Covered Lampshade

The Craft Cafe – DIY Fabric Covered Lampshade With Pom Pom Trim

DIY Covered Lampshade Tutorial
Hello everyone ! It’s Ayda here again for the craft cafe. To prepare the new projects for the craft cafe, always excites me. I’m trying to make cute, useful and easy diy projects.
Maybe you know, I don’t have any children but I love to make something for them.
This time, I made a simple lamp shade project. As shown in the images is a quite simple and cheap project.
You can make happy your child with this cute lamb or you can give it as a baby shower gift to one of your friends…


Let’s look at what you need for this project;

. IKEA Table Lamp (LAMPAN)

. Cute patterned fabric

. Pom Pom trim

. Fusible webbing

. Sharp scissors

. A pencil

. An iron

. Paper for template

. Glue Gun


How to;

For the best solution, firstly you should prepare a template, using a piece of paper. I used a colored paper for better understanding.

Place the lamp shade on the fabric, draw from edges and cut out the lamp shade template.

I used fusible interlining with the fabric for looking thick and strong.

Spread your fusible interlining bottom and place your fabric on top, stick together via ironing. Now you have a piece of strong fabric.

Spread your fabric on the table, place the paper template and cut out.

You should now have a piece of fabric that when wrapped around the shade fits fairly perfect!

Wrap your fabric around lamp shade and Using a hot glue gun stick it from edges.

Trim off any excess fabric around the edges of the shade with sharp scissors [being careful not to cut into the shade]. Allow glue to dry.

Using a hot glue gun attach your pom pom trim to the edges of your shade.

That’s all…

See you the next The Craft Cafe post.

I wish all of you have an amazing week!








  1. Menekse says:

    Ooh this is a fabulous tutorial – thanks so much for sharing! I can never find lampshades I like and am too scared to try making one from complete scratch yet, so I’m going to try this :)

    • Regina says:

      That’s a very good diy Ayda, the lamp looks fantastic. I’ve been planning to cover a lampshade for quite a while and maybe soon inspired by this diy I’ll be doing it.

  2. Rado says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I am shopping in ikea quite often and it is great idea what a pretty lamp I can make from the cheap not very interresting lamp.

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