How pretty are these pictures and cups on the desk?! I was so happy when I found this on interest. I realised I had visited this cute lil blog before but there are lots of fashion posts. She has very pretty beehive hair too ^_^

I love the wall art and different displays. I have lots of little wires in my craft room and I have discovered that I need to change the photos and little things I have pegged up there or else I just don’t notice that they’re there. This ‘Everything Will Be O.K’ poster is particularly lovely although the colours wouldn’t work in my room at all as my room is so dark and north facing.

Over on the original post all of the wall art is listed with appropriate links so you can buy your own! Im quite certain I found this post on interest via the creator of this lovely pie illustration Everyday is a holiday.
This cat is my favourite! I love prints of kitties. That is all.
And yes to that embroidery hoop!


This painting on canvas with stripe patterns is so perfect. I love it. These are obviously my favourite colours ^_^

Scathingly Brilliant Studio Wall Art Post


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