I have a feeling that Chihiro Kubota may be the Japanese equivalent of the Western Worlds Leslie Shewring.
Chihiro’s photography style seems to be very (almost completely) influenced by western style! I love her beautiful moodboard and the close up details with the washi tape. I want that polka dot washi tape!

I think you all know by now that I love pastels, and I love flowers. All of these images are perfect for me and almost made me do a little squeal of excitement when I found them!

All Greengate and bombay duck products! I love them. ALl of those flowers are just incredible. Does anyone know what the flowers are in the tin furthest away from the screen? (Not in the Bombay Duck Tea Cup, the other side)
Oh holy smokes… this is one incredible photograph and it’s just beautiful! I don’t think I have a suitable grasp of the english language to make you understand how much I love this image and those flowers! I would SO steal that vase if I was anywhere near that shoot. I’d just grab them and start running. And probably screaming.

oOoooooo beautiful. I might end up snipping some Cherry Blossoms from the tree at my parents house when it’s in full bloom. I have some little bottles that would suit this perfectly!

Ooh a close up! Sweet peas? I love greengate tins. <3

Look at this collection of glassware!! And all of these lovely flowers! I should probably do some sort of flower arranging class. Increase my own personal exposure to flowers. I think I’m obsessed because I don’t have an abundance of flowers in a pretty garden, or in my own home!

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