*sigh* as much as i love white space I do enjoy cath kidston colours and the queen of pretty Birdie Blue has the most beautiful office space! I also have some mac envy although my laptop is fabulous. ^_^ 

I really like these lidded baskets underneath with the two handles. Are those just picnic baskets? Anyone even know! looking at all the beautiful office spaces Im getting rather disheartened that I haven’t done anything or taken any small steps to organise my own space! Perhaps I need to reread my Leo Barbauta book or my ‘never fail to get me motivated’ Karen Kingston Clear your clutter with feng shui. Although I’m writing this post at night so I may stick up a wee post it to remind me to read it in the morning! Otherwise I will never get to sleep ^_^

such a pretty fabric case and of course – cath kidston gadget case and notebook! I love seeing where people work and how they personalise their wee havens. 

Birdie Blue Blog

Lots of love Claire xo

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