Holy flippin smokes folks! I don’t usually decorate or create easter crafts but look at those gorgeous stamped/drawn on muslin bags! I was very excited to find the little inspiration section on Blankgoods AU site. This section of the Blankgoods site shows you lots of inspiraton for all seasons and all using the products and goods for sale on the Blankgoods site. I’m sure you can find the products worldwide quite easily and if all else fails check etsy!
I love the idea of making a little gift box nest from a wooden fruit basket! It’s a very clever idea indeed. Although that’s definitely not where bunnies live. I would love a little box full of chocolate eggs.
Blankgoods AU sell wooden nesting (like matryoshka dolls) eggs and they are marvellous! It means you can store the little decorations a lot safer too.

o_o geometric prints and all kinds of crazy. You could go mad with glitter, decoupage and paint pens!

I love the chick! And the little polka dot ones! omg i love them! anyway lol

You can buy all the supplies at Blankgoods AU


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