This is an insanely beautiful cushion! The nicest bow version I’ve actually ever seen.. so I visitititted the lovely website and it was in dutch so off to google translate I went and clicked for english… 


This is the first line…

“The female form of the trap are appropriate BB-ruit very beautiful at. And is very simple make.”

uhuh uhuh… Im starting to understand. Wha?! So Ive tried my best to translate it into usable (for me) english for when I go to make it. Must stick the kettle on *_*

Ok here goes! I hope

Materials Needed:
80CM (Just under one yard of) Gingham Fabric (137cm Wide – Standard Width)
Fiberfill (Wadding)
Cushion  40×60 cm 

How to make the Bow Cushion

Cut out the fabric for the cushion cover 1 piece of 42 × 124 cm, 
for the band 1 piece of 32 × 58 cm and 
the hanging ties 1 piece of 32 × 72cm. 

wadding for tie strip 1 piece of 32 × 72 cm.

Fold the cloth for the cushion cover, so it‘s 42 × 62 cm.

Stitch the short side with 2 inch seam, but leave a piece in the middle to open later and insert the pillow.

Fold the seam towards the middle and stitch the long side with 1 cm seam. 

Turn the cover. Put the pillow in it and sew the opening closed.

(I might be inclined to create an envelope cushion cover so that I can remove it and wash it when I need to but I shall see how the band goes for the bow!)

Fold the band fabric to make a double layer, so it measures16 × 58 cm. 

Stitch the long side with 1 cm seam and once the band. Stitch the ends with 1 cm seam together and once the seam on the inside. 

for the ties hanging on the bottom of the bow – Create a “sandwich” from gingham fabric and wadding by folding the gingham fabric and having the wadding inside. When you fold the fabric over the wadding it should measure 16 × 72 cm. Stitch the short ends oblique, 45 degree angle, leaving the inclined lines are parallel to each other. 

Cut the excess fabric to 1inch from the stitching. Stitch the long side closed but leave a small hole for turning inside out now and sewing the opening closed.

Fold the ribbon strip in half, so that the angled edges are aligned evenly  and stitch the ties to the back of your ‘band’ just below the fold through all the layers, (basically a big hole through the band and the ties are attached to the back) so the cushion can be pushed through the band and ribbon strips hang underneath.
phewwwwww make sense?! If you think I am mental you can visit the original link and translate the tutorial yourself lol. It took a few goes to make sense of it but now I have it does indeed seem quite easy ^_^
Visit the link here from Ariadneathome NL 

Lots of love Claire xo

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  • A Girl In Transit says:

    I LOVE this. I swear it’s the simplest things that are genius! I’m totally linking back to this on Friday when  I do my link post. Thanks!

    – Sarah

  • Candice says:

    That’s so cute! If I was handy with a sewing machine (or even just a needle and thread!) I’d love to try this tutorial out.  I might save this for future projects :)

  • LittleThoughts says:

    Did you translate this from another language?! This is adorable!  I will be making this within the next two days and CANNOT wait.

    • Hearthandmadeuk says:

      Yeah from Dutch I think and guess work!

      • LittleThoughts says:

        I’m in the process of making it RIGHT NOW.  Down to the bow which took the longest time to understand.. such a simple and adorable pillow though! Cannot wait to throw it on the guest bed :) Thanks for translating for all of us

  • Stephanie says:

    Could you add pictures? 😀

  • bego says:

    Thnak you very much for the translation, very kind of you.

  • Torsten says:

    May I just say what a comfort to find a person that really
    knows what they are talking about online. You definitely realijze how to bring
    an issue to light and make it important. More people really need to
    look at thks and understand this side of your story.
    It’s surprising you aren’t more popular since you
    surely have the gift.

  • Manju udhayanan says:

    Such a cute cushion . It would be really helpful if you could post pictures of the back of the cushion to see and understand how the bow looks at the back . Thank a tonne .

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