How fabulous are these crochet easter eggs? I adore the blue coloured yarn that was used for the doily! And the green colour. Ive had so much trouble trying to find a lovely shade of DK yarn in the UK. Has anyone any suggestions for me? It’s so difficult as Im after a lime shade.

This was a little sneak peek of the eggs while they were being made! Love that coral yarn too ^_^ one of my favourite colours. All these pictures are so bright I absolutely adore them.

Also.. How cute is this box? I have the standard 6 egg boxes for taking to the butchers but if I had one in bright purple I’d probably keep it for storage of trinkety type things! Like I do with any other pretty containers..Im a magpie for colourful and lovely. If i like it I will keep it.
Decorated with simple flower decor, washi tape and some demo labels.

Colours like this can’t help but cheer anyone up! Have you done any easter crafting? Show me links!!

Visit the fargefest blog via this link to see beautiful colours.


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