When I discovered Luzia Pimpernella blog my eyes widened from all the pretty colours everywhere! And I was there for so long I forgot about my tea. Nothing worse that freezing tea. Annnnyway.. Ive added so many projects to my ‘To Make’ list.. you probably will too ^_^

This image is from an adorable crochet lamp cover! If you crochet I imagine it being very simple indeed. Single or double crochet in rows really.. just measure around your lamp to ensure you make your initial chain long enough. A marvellous idea indeed. 

I loooove this idea for covered matchboxes! Although after all the matches were used I would want to keep it and I’m not sure what I would store in them. Pretty wall art maybe? 

Luzia created an absolutely fantastic tutorial for this felt fruit bowl. Of course not exclusively for fruit! I dont think I’d be comfortable putting food in something that couldn’t be easily cleaned. I just love that the oranges match the stitching and buttons. That made me happy. 

Another crochet lovely! This big chunky crochet project turned into a bowl/basket. 

A great idea for using left over felt and tins destined for the recycling bin! I want all of those lovely coloured snap buttons. 

This piece was a Guest Blogger for Luiza you can view her blog Here

Hamma beads on an old vintage lampshade skeleton! A fabulous idea. I might do this with other beads.. kind of like Lisbeth Dahl beaded hangers! I must check my bead collection! Although this would do nothing at all for difusing light would it. Hmm. I will do a little research on this one! 

Do I really need to say anything about this cushion other than ‘holy crap this is amazing’ ? 

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