Bright Pastel Craft Room Home Office Space from Barewunderbar

This, although just a tiny little section, is one of the most fabulous little workspaces I have seen! Love the phone, the purple cupboard and the plate rack! All the bright white and lovely colours must be a great motivator ^_^
I would LOVE a big purple cupboard! nowhere to put it of course but still…. I can lust all I want :p I would also like to know what the blue retro looking ‘backsplash’ type thing above the cupboard/drawers are! it must be wallpapered. Either way.. I love the pattern and colour!

Love the wee table and chair for kiddly winks! The rainbow colour chair is fabulous ^_^

Some very retro and beautifully covered storage in a craft space. How could you not get excited about these colours! The box in the background has a fabulous pattern. I actually just acquired some fabric that is that pattern only yellow, pink and white. Love it! Don’t know what to make with it yet though :p maybe a hot water bottle cover. (I have cold feet all the time!)

The bead storage is some o the prettiest I have seen and I do enjoy those crate style boxes above the inspiration cork board. Everything in easy reach.

Go and visit Barewunderbar and delight in all the beautiful images!


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