I think Erle is the luckiest little girl in the whole wide world!! What an amazing play room for a little girl! This would be an amazing room for a big girl like Claire ^_^

I love this chest/cabinet/cupboard thing! What is it? A cupboard maybe? And where do those little fixtures originate from? They look rather asian Dynasty to me. (There is a strong possibility I’m talking absolute rubbish.)

I LOVE the colour of this cabinet!

And this little spice rack. I wish I could find these here in the UK at a reasonable price!

Ok so where do I begin? The colour of the bed? Makes me want to squeal with delight. The bed clothes? Makes me want to squeal with delight and that retro looking peachy pink light makes me want to go crazy. All in all.. I would happily steal all the fixtures and fittings from this little girls room. 

A retro colourful delight! Im sure all of her friends are never out of this house. 

Who doesnt love a vintage suitcase? 

It really is the most incredible room! What a lucky little girl. 

I love this cabinet too! The colour is marvellous and the yellow wheels just make me too happy for words. *sigh* I shall continue dreaming! 

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Lots of love Claire xo

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