Cat and Felt Lovers Ahoy! Dancing In The Rains on Etsy

I love this shop! I found it when I was originally looking for some pencil cases.. and i stumbled upon a kitty wonderland! Felt kitties, bags, pouches and pencil cases. I think the stuffies are my favourite ^_^
I love the white one ^_^ I must check how much white felt I have left! More inspiration for making things. I got Mollie Makes – the felties in it are gorgeous! 
I definitely have a colour like this!  The shop makes me so happy ^_^ theyre all so cute.
I think this is a card case… perfect for some Fuji Instax mini pictures! An adorable little album. Seriously… the inspiration is flowing!
oOohooo!! I love this!!!
 The blue is my favourite colour too ^_^ matches my living room!
Lots of love Claire xo
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  1. SignePling says:

    Naaaw, these kittens are the cutest!

    And I KNOW! There is a lot of nice Norwegian interior design blogs atm, am I right?! I can barely get through them all :)
    On the other hand I don’t follow a lot of british blogs at all, actually I think only you :)
    You have any good blog scoops from the UK you want to share?

    Hugs and a happy Suynday :)

  2. Libby says:

    Adorable! And Mollie Makes has some amazing ideas. I’m ordering several different sheets of coloured felt today, because yesterday I pinned six felt crafts I want to make, and I’ve only got brown felt left after crafting up a storm from Mollie Makes. Anyway, felt is a glorious thing. Love buying it from the children’s craft section as it’s really cheap, something like 50p a sheet, which is brilliant! It’s not as nice as the proper wool felt, but it’s good value for experimenting with.

  3. Amanda Thornton says:

    oh my goodness- just adorable! my husband is allergic to cats so i can’t have one :( but i’ll have to make one of these kitty pillows to sit on the couch as a constant guilt trip for him 😉

  4. Hearthandmadeuk says:

    o i have loads of felt! like loads of it.. cuz i was stupid and bought it cuz it was cheaper to buy in bulk.. do you want me to send you a few sheets in what i have?

  5. Hearthandmadeuk says:

    lol… my bf is allergic to the dander… hes really allergic to my mums cats cuz theyre older and they make him come out in a rash but hes ok with my cat who he met when she was only a kitten. So hes built up a tolerance to her. I knew when i first met him i was mad about him but when he said he was allergic to cats my heart was in my shoes.

    “i dont care if you look like elephant man, i can never be without a cat!” ^_^ im so nice

  6. Linda says:

    Hello! Thankyou so much for visiting me, sorry I am only replying to you now. How lovely that you are from Belfast, Irish bloggers seem to be quite a rare thing. Your blog is lovely, I have enjoyed scrolling through your posts. Those little cats are absolutely gorgeous!.I think that Marks and Spencers or Tescos would be your best bet for Peonies and Ranunculus.

  7. Linda says:

    Sorry, I didn’t finish my message. Ranunculus are hard to get here even in the wholesalers. Peonies will soon be coming to the end of their season. Have a great week, Linda x

  8. Anne lise Mæhre says:

    You have a beautiful and very inspiring blog. I immediately got some great

    ideas about colors.

    I am honored that you want to show my workspace-photos on your blog. Of

    course you can:-) I would like you to mention my blog-adres at the same

    time.Thank you very much:-)Best wishes,

    Anne Lise

  9. Hearthandmadeuk says:

    Excellent! Thank you for getting back to me ^_^ i havent found many irish or british bloggers to be honest. Well.. striking british blogs. There are only a few!

  10. Stephanie Gerber says:

    Just stumbled on your blog & love it! Those are the most adorable little finds – the red gingham is just too cute. New follower!

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