I love this shop! I found it when I was originally looking for some pencil cases.. and i stumbled upon a kitty wonderland! Felt kitties, bags, pouches and pencil cases. I think the stuffies are my favourite ^_^
I love the white one ^_^ I must check how much white felt I have left! More inspiration for making things. I got Mollie Makes – the felties in it are gorgeous! 
I definitely have a colour like this!  The shop makes me so happy ^_^ theyre all so cute.
I think this is a card case… perfect for some Fuji Instax mini pictures! An adorable little album. Seriously… the inspiration is flowing!
oOohooo!! I love this!!!
 The blue is my favourite colour too ^_^ matches my living room!
Lots of love Claire xo
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  • Marie says:

    sweet  !!!! i love it!beautiful! i love it to !

  • Ana Degenaar says:

    Too cute for words…

  • SignePling says:

    Naaaw, these kittens are the cutest!

    And I KNOW! There is a lot of nice Norwegian interior design blogs atm, am I right?! I can barely get through them all :)
    On the other hand I don’t follow a lot of british blogs at all, actually I think only you :)
    You have any good blog scoops from the UK you want to share?

    Hugs and a happy Suynday :)

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    I havent found a whole lot really..


    http://teawagontales.blogspot.com/ and

    http://dottieangel.blogspot.com/ are my favourites ^_^

  • Libby says:

    Adorable! And Mollie Makes has some amazing ideas. I’m ordering several different sheets of coloured felt today, because yesterday I pinned six felt crafts I want to make, and I’ve only got brown felt left after crafting up a storm from Mollie Makes. Anyway, felt is a glorious thing. Love buying it from the children’s craft section as it’s really cheap, something like 50p a sheet, which is brilliant! It’s not as nice as the proper wool felt, but it’s good value for experimenting with.

  • Amanda Thornton says:

    oh my goodness- just adorable! my husband is allergic to cats so i can’t have one :( but i’ll have to make one of these kitty pillows to sit on the couch as a constant guilt trip for him 😉

  • laceandliquorvintage says:

    These are lovely! I love the little card case especially..


  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    o i have loads of felt! like loads of it.. cuz i was stupid and bought it cuz it was cheaper to buy in bulk.. do you want me to send you a few sheets in what i have?

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    lol… my bf is allergic to the dander… hes really allergic to my mums cats cuz theyre older and they make him come out in a rash but hes ok with my cat who he met when she was only a kitten. So hes built up a tolerance to her. I knew when i first met him i was mad about him but when he said he was allergic to cats my heart was in my shoes.

    “i dont care if you look like elephant man, i can never be without a cat!” ^_^ im so nice

  • Linda says:

    Hello! Thankyou so much for visiting me, sorry I am only replying to you now. How lovely that you are from Belfast, Irish bloggers seem to be quite a rare thing. Your blog is lovely, I have enjoyed scrolling through your posts. Those little cats are absolutely gorgeous!.I think that Marks and Spencers or Tescos would be your best bet for Peonies and Ranunculus.

  • Linda says:

    Sorry, I didn’t finish my message. Ranunculus are hard to get here even in the wholesalers. Peonies will soon be coming to the end of their season. Have a great week, Linda x

  • esjodebeer says:

    Aww, I love this!!

  • Anne lise Mæhre says:

    You have a beautiful and very inspiring blog. I immediately got some great

    ideas about colors.

    I am honored that you want to show my workspace-photos on your blog. Of

    course you can:-) I would like you to mention my blog-adres at the same

    time.Thank you very much:-)Best wishes,

    Anne Lise

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    of course! Thank you for getting back to me ^_^

  • Hearthandmadeuk says:

    Excellent! Thank you for getting back to me ^_^ i havent found many irish or british bloggers to be honest. Well.. striking british blogs. There are only a few!

  • Firstdayofmarriage says:

    Oh, they are too cute! x

  • Danielle says:

    LOVE your blog and these crafty kitties are so cute.

    For design and fashion inspiration check out Things She Made!


  • Becca says:

    Great to see your beautiful inspiring blog too!
    Thanks for your comment.
    Love your site. 

  • Stephanie Gerber says:

    Just stumbled on your blog & love it! Those are the most adorable little finds – the red gingham is just too cute. New follower!

  • Annika says:

    Cuteness! Love your whole blog!

  • kate says:

    I do love cats and felt! What a cute shop!

  • Kelly Rachel says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for telling us about it. 😀

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