Christmas DIY Felt Decorations For Your Home

Pretty huh?! This DIY Winter Ice Skate Tutorial is a No Sew Felt Project… all about glue and glitter so definitely an option for those who can’t or are too lazy (like me) to sit and sew ornaments! Click HERE to visit the tutorial at Shop Ruby Jean. 

Red Brolly have provided this gorgeous tutorial with templates for little felt mushrooms. Pin Cushions originally but I am rather obsessed with toad stools so I’ve included it here ^_^ Visit the Tutorial via THIS LINK.

Kiss me quick! A rather beeeauuuu-tiful mistletoe pomander. This bad boy was made out of fleece and it is so cute. No balls required.. just two long strips all rolled up and glued together! Fabulously simple. Visit apartment therapy here to view this tutorial. I think I will make this for my hallway or kitchen. Smoochy smoochy

How flippin talented is Jody Bishel?! This is not a tutorial but I had to include it as it seems to be simple enough to replicate (cutting 6 leaf shapes, glueing the ends and attaching a button. Bam). Absolutely beautiful. There are many embroidered snowflakes on Jodys Flickr Account – WanteringLydia 

Here’s my lovely Jenny of AllSorts! I do love her ^_^ know what else I am obsessed with? Dala Horses. Fluffin love um. I would have an entire collection if I could. I bought my first on a trip to sweden almost 10 years ago. So I am really happy with these templates. I’d love a little Dala Horse Cushion. Visit Jennys Tutorial via this LINK.

Purl Bee have offered two rather fabulous tutorials – one for the Giant FELT STAR tree topper  and some snow balls you can view here

I love this! I think I would love this even more in pastel shades with white bells! A tutorial and pattern available from Spoonful HERE.

Lots of love Claire xo

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