Christmas Gift Giving Idea | DIY Recipe Book Binder from Marysza

You lovelies already know who Marysza is, if you’ve been here in the past few months you probably met her when she was hosting a rather lovely laptop bag giveaway through this blog!

Well.. after being inspired by some other lovely bloggers she made the beautiful craft style recipe book binder that I adore!!

On her blog she likes to claim she is no good at scrapbooking but Agnes has done an amazing job on this using a regular old ring binder and random papers etc. 

The tabs are awesome! Reminds me of making my indie biz folder years ago. That was fun lol. A4 binders are too bulky for me now though. If i could find an A5 binder with appropriate hole punch I would definitely make one for a friend ^_^
There are 4 cards separating simple pages. And on the first one you can see a foil pocket.. for some loose recipes.

Pages from old notebooks which is what i do! I have random old notebooks and old books Im ready to rip up and use for journalling! Smart minds huh :p

Agnes claims it looks a lot better in reality but seriously, it looks pretty special to me! It would make an awesome gift for someone. I almost forgot to include the link! I’m so dopey. Go visit Agnes and let her know if you plan on making one of these bad boys!! 

Are you planning on making one?! I might actually if i can find a mini binder! Im off to paper chase ^_^ 

Lots of love Claire xo

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