Lets start at the beginning! This I posted about the Rahel Menig class.. and after seeing the videos I got all excited and could no longer wait for my lovely scrap packages to arrive from the states. As mentioned before I didn’t want to make a daily journal.. so this is my inspirations journal/planner.

These things were all in my supplies stash. Luckily that day I went to a shop that had like a pack of white card for like £1 so I just folded the pages etc. Its an A5 journal.

These are my little dividers – just 4. Gift wrapping that I want to do.. DIY projects I want to do.. Decor I want or inspiration for decor and random pretties at the end.

The image on the journal is from A Creative Mint, just purely for my little journal and inspiration. The Star tape is Cath Kidston. The little note post its were typed up on my tres vintage, tres noisy electric type writer! Which is wonky and has issues with ribbon tension.. but its cute and I like the effect.

The image on this page is from Tara Anderson; the kit I bought! Im so impatient. Some journalling too about the packaging and how I want to scrapbook this year etc. The half flower is just a random lil flower I had and those wee balls are sugar sprinkles for cupcakes I had in a little multi shaker thing.

A picker of the supplies I have! My supply list and a wee wish list to go with it.

More cath kidston washi tape and a lovely image from Tara Anderson so I can remind myself to buy some lil jingle bells!


Images from Debee Campos, Tara Anderson and I can’t remember…. but just those and some little journalling about how I want to embellish gifts etc. (This is primarily the gift wrapping section ^_^)

Cannot for the life of me remember where I got this image but it is on my gorgeous packaging pinterest board. Layered onto bundled up bakers twine. I bundled using hot glue and then added the image using stacked up double sided foam pads. The pink tree is a cut out from 2009 Cath Kidston Winter catalogue ^_^


This is from the DIY section and this page is still in process. Layered like crazy. The image is from Eline Pellinkhoff about the release of her new book which I shall blog about soon! I saw the pom pom and fabric garland and decided I had to make one. The image was wrapped and wrapped with twine and then on the back there is lace, sewing pattern scraps, a journal print out scrap and a scrumpled up mini doily.. stacked onto the photo with about 3 or 4 of those double sided sticky foam pads.


A close up so you can see the space and layering ^_^ Are you guys journalling? If you have photos link me up!

Lots of love Claire xo


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