Last month I blogged about the company Enjoy cupcakes with their bright and colourful kitschy Caravan, well.. Jose Villa has come in and taken the most fabulous photographs in pastel corals and blues that fill my heart with joy!
The brown sugar looks like glitter! I also need to check on ebay for some of that gorgeous coral coloured pyrex!
oh my word. I could happily eat all of those cupcakes and cakes and then steal all the stands.
I wonder how these get stored in the caravan!
I can’t even tell you how much I want this caravan and how much I want to be around it and enjoying cupcakes :p
What a beautiful wire basket for eggs! Such vintage delights could make you want to spend a fortune.
What is this peachy coloured liquidness? It looks delicious. And who doesn’t love mini milk bottles?
i love this cushion ^_^
These mini cupcakes are gorgeous looking. Bite size! Dangerously bite size I would say.

These plates and stands are so beautiful and the styling everywhere is just perfection.

I would love a cake like this for my birthday. It looks absolutely gorgeous.
Look at the icing on that cake!!That looks like it would take forever. And be criminal to ruin by eating.

what a beautiful shot. So simple and elegant.These also look totally delicious. I feel so greedy looking at all these pictures because I know I would try my damnedest to eat everything in sight!

ooo i love that napkin! Such beautiful details. It doesn’t even look as tiny as I’m guessing it really is lol. With little room to swing a cat. Not that you would want to. I love that tea pot. I wish I could pull off vintage style.

Jose Villa Blog Photo Session



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