As soon as I saw this fabric stash and craft room style I completely fell in love!! These look like the ikea expedit shelves Ihave but I could be wrong. These may not be as deep or else thats a lot of fabric she has. (Im very jealous of the collection by the way).

*sigh* I have these boxes too only mine are a bit battered now and very well used! 

The raindrops upside down are so cute! A beautiful blue theme going on in the desk area. I love storage tins but I never have any proper organisation along with them! I just use them to store random ‘misc’ crap. Which I am ashamed of!I remember reading an organising post once that said “never label anything misc” because it will inevitably collect crap…..  and so on and so on! 

oooOo I love these colours. So lovely and pale! Although now that we are in spring I do love bright colours to gaze upon ^_^

😮 Pinks and yellows make me very very happy! 

I love that blanket and floral scissors!! Yes please! Incase you didn’t know… recently Ive been trying to get myself inspired to organise my craft room.. that is in progress! Im also trying my best to get motivated to finish a patchwork quilt I started last year! And when I say started.. I do mean cutting squares. And not even that many haha 

I love fabric. Eventhough Im lazy I love collecting fabric!

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