Craft Storage and Eclectic Interior Style

And instantly I feel in love! Look at that!! How beautiful is this image? This photo is also making me lust after a vintage swedish sewing machine. Just to be different of course :p Saying that…my vintage singer is in a cupboard because it’s enormous. It also needs fixed.

It looks like it could double as a gorgeous crafty bazaar yarn shop!

These pillows are rather striking. I do believe they are House Doctor cushions from last autumn, but that could be a lie.

What is this called?! I love it! I also love all the colours in that rug.

Just a mismatch of sari fabric quilts, vintage fabrics and the most random bedside “table” I have ever seen!

That big huge basket is rather fabulous. I am just totally enamoured with those floor tiles! They would be incredible to draw.

Those tiles are just fabulous.

I love this! Is this fabric storage do you think? What an enormous collection of wicker! Holy smokes. Gorgeous Swedish Interiors Photographed by Mangus Selander from Magazine Expressen.Se

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