This post does what it says on the tin! When I got this fabulous “Sweet Yummy” (and other stationery) delightfulness so many crafty projects were going on in my head! First thing I want to do though was make a mini notebook as Im obsessed with envelope notebooks at the moment due to my terrible (and getting worse) memory!

The cover was very simple.. all I used were envelopes and some sheets from pack.. The sheets I folded up and used envelopes as covers. Punched them with a hole punch and used a cheap eyelet punch thing I got on ebay that cost me about £1.59 (best purchase ever) then as an afterthought I added the bow!

I love it and have intact used it all and stored receipts in the envelopes ^_^ Also love that frixion erasable pen! I was dubious about an erasable pen at first and then I got the frixion 0.7 (here in the UK) and because I like fine tip – a 0.5. I like the 0.5 much better and I did lots of practising of writing and erasing on that cheap ikea paper roll that you can get for kids and it worked well as long as you don’t keep writing and erasing over the same spot! Worked like a dream on these letter pages!

Also the little bear pen in the first image is my favourite writing pen ever.Its like a 0.38 and is beaaauutiful to write with! Everytime I go on the site I end up filling my cart with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff lol. They also have Rilakkuma iPhone covers, pens and tape dispensers! I have to get a tape dispenser even if it renders me poor(er).

Go visit Cool Pencilcase and have a nosey. 

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