DIY Painted Terracota Plant Pot | Mothers Day Gift Idea

My little plant pot at work! I was bursting to paint a little terracotta pot as I didn’t like the colour it was (terracotta!) didn’t match my lovely pastel interiors!
I mixed up a few colours of Deco Art Crafters Acrylic Gloss Finish (Not the ordinary crafters acrylics, they wouldnt look as good unless you varnished them afterwords.) I actually painted the many coats while I was watching a Person Of Interest marathon and now this little plant pot reminds me of that dream boat Jim Cavizel! Needless to say… this is my favourite ^_^
This was my mix up of the Deco Art paint – the tropical blue, yellow and white… no exact measurements.. I was trying to get mint but I’ve been using the white for LOADS of things and I must buy some more. I had to ration it and ended up with a lovely teal colour.
Layers at work. I mixed loads… ended up painting everything. Chopsticks, frames, pencils!

The rose was drawn freehand from looking at a Cath Kidston flower. Honestly, Im pretty sure it need some white. I will be revisiting I think!

The Crafters Acrylic Gloss Finish


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