DIY Tutorial | Gilt Frame Memo Board | One Frame Three Ways

Who doesn’t love a creative and crafty project to wile away the afternoon? Well here it is! The craft project is fairly simple, I got this frame fairly cheaply, I also got a pinboard/corkboard for £1.99. I couldnt decide what type of memo board I wanted so i tried three on for size! 

For the String option in the first option – its very easy – just remove all backing and tie up some string! 

For the chicken wire option, make sure you have wire cutters – cut to the size of your frame – so you can staple gun it to the back. My chicken wire came in a big roll and i had a lot of trouble flattening it. I still am having trouble – I liked that option but the wire was very bowed. 

The third! Pin board! 

1. Gathered my supplies! You need a pin board
something to cut with
Fabric if you wish
and pins

2. I took everything out of the frame and used the back board to measure my cork board and cut. 

3. This ensures a snug fit in the frame!

4. I measured my fabric using the corkboard and then attached it taught with some pins before securing with a glue gun. It then fit snuggly back in and voila!


The prints on the board are from Trisha Brink Design. 

Lots of love Claire xo

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  1. Hearthandmadeuk says:

    its not the best quality of frame but i suppose you get what you pay for! It functions and im happy with it ^_^

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