These bracelet DIY projects are sooooo simple. The story is… I was lucky enough to receive a surprise bundle of yarn from Home Crafts UK, including a hank of sari yarn and I had to make some lovely things.. Which I have done. In fact I’ve made lots and not use bracelets but you shall see over the next few days! I didnt buy anything special for these, I had bangles and buttons and hot glue etc.
For this bracelet.. you can see in the first image it is a continuous piece of yarn in bright colours. I attached a large button on the end and began to wrap around my wrist as many times as it was comfortable to see the appropriate length and started stringing my little buttons on. No measured spaces or anything just going with the flow. I only added buttons on the thin orange part of the yarn as I knew I had planned to overlap as it was a lot thinner than the crazy threaded part. Once all that was done I got wrapping and found a comfortable space to create a loop for my button to go through and made a simple fixed loop knot – like a slip knot only it doesn’t move.
This bracelet was very simple to make… I absolutely love those colours. So rich and pretty ^_^ below is the simple wrapping technique.

I tried untangling the Hank of sari yarn and it was an absolute disaster so I ended up cutting them up and separating the colours to make different things. I loved these reds and left continuous reds still connected. I simply got a bangle, used some glue and got wrapping. Tacky would have worked too on this particular type of bracelet. (This is the creation of the above bangle in the watch shot)

Apologies for the fuzziness, I didn’t realise! This is the full hank of yarn in all its glory in a bowl. I loved the colours!

A shot of another simple wrapped bracelet! I have enough yarn from this hank to make another 10 at least but I won’t wear them so I will think of other uses!

This bracelet was just a simple, slim bracelet I wanted to wear when i had silver as my theme so I got an old silver ring band that I had and looped two separate folded over strands of this thin pink glittery yarn and make a “square knot sennet” knot for sliding it on and off my wrist.
Pretty right? It would definitely look more effective with loads of bracelets on but I am working on that!
Ive actually just been looking through the website for Home crafts and I am actually really impressed. Not just because I got yarn for making things, but because the site has guides to download on different techniques, pretty much every type of crafting supply including glass work, ceramics, yarn, clock making and cane works AND loads and loads of regular craft supplies. Theres a danger I will end up spending a small fortune here.

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