DIY Yarn Tassel Key Rings or Yarn Bag Charms

This little bead guy came along with my first Crafty Creatives monthly subscription kit (UK). The DIY follows.. very simple to make little yarn tassles.

I used my fingers to just wrap a load of yarn around at an even size and then I jammed a pen in and secured it with a small piece of darker pink yarn and trimmed the ends over a bowl. 

I then tied the bead in.. and boom. Simple!

This was one of the bracelets I created last month that never really wore so I decided to make it into a bag charm ^_^ I just had to slip in a split ring that I have a wee supply of for my art journalling. 

I used the same technique but poked it through the the wee key fob piece and then secured it. This was created using the Sari yarn I received last month. (All from the one hank)

Lots of love Claire xo

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