I am really pleased with how these turned out ^_^ They match my living room perfectly. I used different sized food tins for this, washed out obviously. For the smallest tin I had a glass tea light holder that fit the tin perfectly and I filled it with table salt so I didnt have to put my hand right in the tin with a lighter or lit match for lighting the tea light.

Look at this pretty yarn on a cath kidston polka dot plate ^_^ Another lot of things I made from the yarn stash I got from home crafts.  I got 6 balls of yarn and I still have loads left! Because the yarn was all so different and I wasn’t well enough to crochet (shakey hands) I obviously did lots of yarn wrapping crafts as you can see from the past week of posts! 

Seriously.. simple! I used extra strong double sided tape because I didn’t want to get the yarn covered in glue and then have it all over the yarn.. I secured the ends with tacky glue but it was so simple. And I love them ^_^

Lots of love Claire xo

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