Shabby chic dining room

These colourful mismatch chairs really do make this room look fabulous. The lime green is my favourite ^_^ I’ve also been drooling over the contents of that cabinet in the background! It looks gorgeous and looks like its been arranged OCD style; just the way I like it!

Tea party inspiration

Such pretty tea party inspiration! I have cutlery like that. From next, just in the blue, pink and green colours. I love them. Only to be used on special occasions obviously.

I loooove this old cath kidston tray! Such gorgeous little details In the kitchen. I can’t manage to deal with having items and bits and pieces on the kitchen counter. I like my space ^_^

Love those curtains and the white furniture. That mirror is absolutely stunning. Im gathering up loads of home ideas as my room is due for a wee repaint.. Im not sure about colour as its currently ‘Jade white’ which is actually ‘light blue’ and suits perfectly for the North facing sky light lit room… as it can be a little grey. I don’t think white would do it any justice to be honest but I love this mirror.. and it would look very pretty indeed propped up against any wall! 

Originally seen on housetohome

Lots of love Claire xo

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