Dotcomgiftshop have some marvellous and vintage inspired man tools for fathers day!

1. Workshop First Aid Kit
2. Bakelite Tape Measure
3. Retro Radio
4. Pocket Torch

Finally, some gifts for cyclists!! I know my uncle would be glad of some of these ^_^

4. Bicycle Warning Bell (it’s 3.95, how could you resist?!)

and now for the gardeners!! You know, you can buy all three of those items above and I still dont think you will have hit £15. Perfect for budget buying! 

1. Gardening Gloves and Kneeling Pad
2. Shed Large Keyring
3. Pottering In The Shed Sign

Go crazy over at Dotcomgiftshop. They’ve got some lovely ‘light hearted’ gifts available!

Lots of love Claire xo

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