Flower Display Bouquets and Wedding Favours | Floral and Prop Stylist Chelsea Fuss | Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day bouquet of lovely flowers from Chelsea Fuss. Well… how delighted was I to find this wonderful talent?!  I think these are Anemones? I have no idea to be honest. Im not really as smart as I would like to be about flowers. I adore the colours in this bouquet. Are you spoiling your mums today? 

I love peonies.. they look so fluffy. Anyone know what those white flowers are? Such beautiful displays. 

What a fabulous idea for styling flowers for a photoshoot! Dahlias are gorgeous, the deep red at the side is so dramatic. Gorgeous! I had a wee look for some lovely plates in a thrift store and discovered that I don’t really have a good eye for single plates that should eventually look fabulous together!

The most beautiful sweet pea bouquet! I love sweet peas. Unfortunately.. the weather in NorthernIreland is so bad that the range of flowers in the florists on a regular basis is very limited.. and I also live in the city with no room for planters. Which is a shame… it would be impossible but I dream of a garden full of beautiful blooms and vegetables. 

This candy favour idea is very pretty! I love the neon twine. Those sweets remind me of car trips ^_^

I also can taste those sweets right now as I’m looking at them. Love the tanginess from the raspberry! 

This gorgeous table cloth style fabric looks like Liberty Of London fabric. Very pretty indeed. I also love the handle on that vintage knife. 

I LOVE these photos. I also can tell you that over the years I have accumulated quite the range of stripy tops. I have more than I could ever possibly justify! I think I had a top once that fitted very well so I started collecting like a little stripy loving magpie. Are those red ones sweet peas too? 

Such beautiful colours in the flowers. Its amazing how the texture of ribbon can add so much interest to a photograph. 

I love tulips!What are the other flowers in this? I want a vintage pair of scissors to wrap with twine! A friend of mine sent me an image last week of a pair of scissors someone covered in glitter and my first thought was.. picturing myself.. with glitter splotches all over my face, hands, clothes and whatever I’m cutting.. and less glitter on the scissors. I can just about be trusted with a pair of scissors or a craft knife. Although I did learn my craft knife lesson in the ‘nearly lost my finger’ incident of 2007 where I fainted twice lol cuz I could see bone.Oh it was awful. I am most responsible now ^_^ I love that tape!! Although.. Where would you store the pieces you aren’t using? I should get a roll of thank you tape. 

Wild flower seed packets as wedding favours. I love the colours in these photos and I Love that fabric! it is beautiful! I want the fabric. Im off to etsy for a browse I think.

To see all of Chelsea Fuss’ fabulous work please visit her lovely Frolic blog. 

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