Firstly I have to say Happy birthday to my lovely blog and to a very special lady who shares the birthday date. Happy birthday Yvonne ^_^. Hearthandmadeuk is 2 years old today  ^_^ so hello to all of my readers and followers and gigantic thank you to everyone who reads this, takes the time to comment and takes the time to let me know how inspired they get. These things make my day so a thousand thanks to you and I hope you enjoy this birthday treat!
Ruffles and flowers birthday cake for hearthandmadeuk 2nd birthday

How beautiful is this cake?! The link where I found it should be attached to the image. Alas I have no tutorials for the flowers on this cake but the 30 that I have listed below (loads!) aren’t a kick in the butt off them and could easily be adapted.

Clay DIY tutorial

Do you guys like to work with Clay? Craftberrybush has a fabulous tutorial on her blog (click image) using air dry clay and scissors to make the petal details! 

Crepe ruffle flower tutorial

A beautiful ruffled carnation style crepe paper flower tutorial! Click on the link to visit the original post. 

Paper peonies from Martha Stewart

Is there anything that woman doesn’t do? Paper Peonies from martha stewart.

Felt flower tutorials for hair accessories

ooOO! I know that felt flower tutorials are SO popular! these are fantastic. Please click on the images to go to the relevant posts. 

Dyed coffee filter tutorial

Coffee filter Flower tutorial.. not only that but they’re an easy dye tutorial too! 

Emmeline style flower tutorial

emmeline style flower tutorial. 

Chiffon tulle flower DIY from creaturecomforts blog

Find instructions on how to create this gorgeous tulle flower from Creaturecomfortsblog. The images should link up to the appropriate posts. (if any of them don’t please let me know!)

A rose brooch tutorial from plastic spoons

This rose is made out of melted plastic spoons! I know “stop the car and let me get out.. whaaaat?” If i could deal with the smell of burning plastic I would possibly make a brooch with this rose but I think it would make my house stink for months ^_^

DIY cupcake liner tutorial floral pomander for a wedding

Can someone tell me what pomanders are for? Just hanging decoration in ball form? 

Rie rac flowers tutorial

How adorable are these ric rac flowers? They’re via an issu magazine. 

Coffee filter peonies

Coffee Filter peonies!! Love them cuz they’re huge

Paper ranunculus flower tutorial

Materials for making flowers tutorial

How to crochet a flower with a stem

How to crochet a flower with a stem!

DIY glitter paper flower tutorials

I love these flowers! Think these are my favourite. Although Im not sure how they managed to use glitter and not get it absolutely everywhere!

How adorable are these little paper flowers?!

Sew your own flower brooch from La Todera. 

Shoe clips are gorgeous! I absolutely love the things. Think they are a fabulous idea but its very difficult to source the shoe clip ‘blanks’ here in the uk. I tried to make one with flat hair clip type thing and almost crippled myself. Too much pain to deal with lol so substitutes don’t really work too well unless your shoes are very gapey or won’t interfere when you walk. 

Massive crepe paper rose tutorial from martha stewart

A long stem felt rose tutorial. I love this colour! What are your thoughts about working with felt? 

Folding paper roses tutorial

Folded roses tutorial using strips of paper. I don’t have the patience for this but its a fabulous effect! Is this origami? Is there another name for it? I thought it was kirugami but when I searched lots of people showed up in cosplay type costumes o_o that was not what i was looking for on a sunday morning lol.

This felt flower is so cute! Looks like some sizzix cut outs but Im sure you can download free templates. Click on the image. 

I have never attempted paper quilling but this makes me want to! Paper quilled ‘rolled paper’ roses and flowers tutorial. 

Craftberry bush has offered this fabulous dyed flower tutorial . Such a rewarding craft and would make fantastic centrepieces for a wedding. 

Gorgeous Napkin flower tutorial from Dana Made it. Click the image to be taken to the appropriate post over at Danas wonderful blog ^_^

Dyed paper roses in a pot tutorial from Craftberrybush ^_^

A gorgeous large quilted flower brooch tutorial! An amazing tutorial and a gorgeous looking flower! 

A singed edge ruffle flower tutorial. Basically singe the edges of floral fabric pieces. very simple and all about the layers! From Rhonna Farrer 

Sugar paste flower tutorial

Sugar paste petal and flower tutorial for your cakes. A wonderful tutorial! 

Tissue paper flowers from prudentbaby

Ruffle tissue paper flower tutorial from prudent baby ^_^

Tissue paper flower tutorial

Tissue paper ruffled flower tutorial

Dahlia flower cushion sewing tutorial

A dahlia flower cushion sewing pattern!

I hope you enjoy all these tutorials! If you make any of these please post them to the flickr group ^_^

Lots of love Claire xo

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  • Wendy McClendon says:

    Hi There! I saw this my cake on your page! Honored. If you need a tutorial for the flowers, Id be happy to make one for you!. I made this cake for a friend a few years ago. One of my favorites Ive done. :)

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