Free Vintage Valentines Clip Art and Printables Roundup

Free vintage clip art resources

Well hello lovelies! Can I just take this opportunity to say Thank you …. to all my new readers, followers and folks who take the time to comment! Thank you to all of you and to Lucy of Attic 24 for a lovely blog mention last week ^_^ I really appreciate the support from everyone and makes it so much easier to continue daily blogging (even on those ‘can’t be bothered’ days!).
Get some red card stock, printer paper and the following clip art to get creative!

(these are all from the same source)

Down to business :p I can’t believe it’s almost valentines already! This post is filled with vintage valentines ephemera. I was actually looking for cute ones to print into stickers for people and then thought I would share my findings. The images should be Click Through links to the original posts. If any images don’t have links please let me know because I am a complete dope and sometimes miss a couple out.

There are also so many of these little guys that I have had to split up the post so continue reading and sourcing after the jump.
I’m not one for paper dolls but this is actually a postcard! Very cute I thought. Also… if you do make it a paper doll would the new freezes not hide her arms?!
I have just realised that the rest of these little clip art guys are from the one source so click the link provided to view all the thumbnails!  This (link) is (to) the original source of the clip art.

The following are from Yesterdayontuesday on Flickr…

Here we have journalling style cards, notelets and printable cards and valentines!


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