I looooooove giftwrap and I love beautiful vintage fabric and sequins too!! and lace!! Giddy is me ^_^ What a beautiful way to wrap a present for someone. 

 Do you find it easy to buy Kraft boxes? I really love Kraft items, of all types really ^_^ Paper and boxes. oO I could make mini boxes and envelopes with kraft paper! I wonder if I could introduce some lovely vintage fabric ribbons and lace with envelopes? Or mini boxes. Hmm.. A mood board must be created. 

There was also a gorgeous set of packaging inspiration created for valentines day! Again with the kraft boxes… cuuuuute!! 

These are my favourite colours; light blue and pink.. actually… blue and pink in any shade I do love. These felt hearts look like they’re fabulous quality. 

I love gift wrapping so much and Adm (sweetness I don’t know your name! I follow you everywhere and don’t know your name :o!) has a fabulous amount of posts on packaging and gift wrap ^_^

Vintage fabric ribbon post
Valentine Gift wrap post

Lots of love Claire xo

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