As soon as I found this blog, my jaw dropped and I fell head over heels in love! A gorgeous lady in Germany has to be one of the best photographers around and she styles her photos beautifully.

I want this posy of flowers! Are those ranunculus? They don’t look as fluffy as I’ve seen them usually.

This was a lovely DIY project creating cookie mix as a gift. If you view it on the blog as a tutorial you will need to translate from German.

Holy flippin flip you guys…. I want this pillow! I’m not sure if it’s handmade or not but you could definitely recreated something similar if you felt inclined to do so! A better version is shown here…

The pillow underneath is also insanely adorable. I definitely want to make a cushion like this. I’m trying to figure out (by looking at the above images) if it’s cross stitched and embroidered over? With a thicker floss perhaps. Hmm.. I shall get drawing and checking my linen collection and fabrics!

Look at this! See that big unit with small drawers… What are those called? I really want some as they’re adorable. I’ve considers buying some ikea small drawers and getting painting!

See what I meant about the styling?

Hydrangeas! I love hydrangeas. I have a white hydrangea plant which I treat like a baby lol.. I’m nursing it back to health after the original flowers have died. There are new blooms and I am constantly pruning so I’m hoping they will become big fluffy flowers again soon!

Gorgeous colours in this shot. Very nautical for summer time!

Lots of love Claire xo

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