I apologise for the dodgy photos but the weather has been rather horrendous recently and not great light for picture taking! I did have to share my little merry making. Wrapping up old boxes of paracetamol, plasters, you name it I wrapped it ^_^ just to use for christmas as mini gift boxes. I can still open them and put things inside.
I think this is definitely my favourite box! Created using greengate washi tape in Sandy Mint and then the deer tape. I just taped onto card and used a circle punch to punch out that centre circle and used a cupcake liner for the ruffled effect.

This is a washi tape christmas tree! Using plain blue MT washi tape, brown Marks Washi Tape and some beads and tacky glue ^_^
This was my colour palette ^_^ I love Martha glitter. I have the full set (cost about £30) but I love it!

Pretty pretty! The full tonal range for my plans :p

This is a toilet roll! I wrapped the toilet roll with white paper and then taped the washi tape around it.. and just kept going. I then sqooshed it flat, used my thumb to squish the pillow ends and reshaped it. I wrapped it with lace and hot glued on a prima pink flower for prettiness.
My little collection of labels that I punched using card and self adhesive A4 paper (I did the same as the card and punched out) and those act as sticky labels ! I hope this was a little inspiration for you.


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