How To Make a Vintage Wallpaper Storage Box to display bakers twine

How to make a vintage wallpaper storage box

Wallpaper covered box for storage
Just some lovely delights for you to look at!! My mum got a watch for christmas and asked if I wanted the box for crafty storage. Yes please! So this is the lid of a watch box. Fits my mini spools perfectly. Then when I found I had vintage wallpaper big enough to cover it I was on it!
I made myself a template just using the box. Draw around the box first, then i set the box on all sides and drew around there and then added extra ‘folding over space’

This is how my wee template looks cut out.

oo and this is the wallpaper I used to cover it!

A jar of stitched labels for sewing projects..
So yes, I used a bone folder to crease all my pre drawn lines as it just gives a stronger crease and better for wrapping the box.
And I used double-sided tape. Now my double-sided tape is like super-duper strength. The type that computer stores use to attach keyboards to the display stands. I just find it is the best and isn’t much more expensive! So tadaaaa



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