Inspired For Spring Crafting | Using Washi Tape

I know ALL of you have a soft spot for Washi Tape! The blogging/craft world went crazy for this fabulous patterned japanese masking tape last year and I haven’t stopped! I constantly use it in my art journalling, it’s very pretty as a photo prop and there are lots of tutorials online for its use.
I have found some fantastic inspiration that I thought I should share with you today!
Washi Tape Card Inspiraiton
 A collection of different tapes make amazing envelope decoration! It’s so simple. I know it isn’t the cheapest, I often have reservations about using it but there’s about 15 metres per role so go crazy I say! I dont think it will be going out of fashion any time soon.
I absolutely LOVE the tree decoration made below!
Washi Tape Tree
Do it! Use the tape to make a tree on your wall! Make some leaves, make some frames! If you aren’t brave enough to tape directly onto the paint work (I don’t think I am) tape over some of the white ikea frames that are very cheap and use the Command removable wall hooks ^-^
You can tape and envelope/half a manilla folder for Letters, tape up some words to make a sign too. How fabulous are these ideas? Those crazy french! I love them.
Washi Tape Memory Keeping, Drawer Covers and Lampshade
Still stuck for ideas?
Cover a notebook completely or tape photos haphazardly into your journal.
The idea to cover the cupboard doors in tapes is genius! I also like the lampshade. There’s a chance this is completely DIY with the tin can base. Still very stylish though.
Washi Tape Plates, Jars and Accessories
Again, hit ikea and buy some clear plates, or acylic plates from a picnic kit and decorate! I love the jars and the geographical print.
 Stripey placemats? Anyone sold on these bad boys?
Washi Tape Blind covers
 Can you imagine how much tape you would need to cover a blind?! What a cute idea though! Id be tempted to draw on some ordinary masking tape for that to cut the cost :p cheapskate me yes I know!
Washi Tape Furniture
It looks good on cupboard doors… I really like the colour contrast in that shot. It also makes very very pretty gift wrap!
Washi tape chair cover
Finally a chair cover! This one I would definitely do! Especially if you own those ikea white Jeff chairs. You could change it up depending on your colour themes also!
Have you done anything different with Japanese Masking Tape? Other than art journalling I mean! Leave a link to your work in the comments! I want to see. I love a good dose of inspiration on a Wednesday morning!


  1. Hearthandmade says:

    I have some boring picnic platea that cud use some love!! Trisha! I’m honoured you’re a reader #^_^# I love Marie Claire idees! I was hoping to get a subscription but I might subscribe to their ideas blog!

  2. Hearthandmadeuk says:

    im sooo chuffed you are reading my blog! I love marie claire idees i wanted a subscription but i might end up subscribing to their online community instead ^-^

  3. Hearthandmadeuk says:

    I know! They were fresh to see after looking at all the same tutorials over and over again online! I hope you shall be crafting again soon ◕‿‿◕

  4. Hearthandmadeuk says:

    i love floral tape but i was way too cheap to buy it so i just use my scraps and my xyron machine! or double sided tape!

  5. Hearthandmadeuk says:

    thats what i thought! ◕‿‿◕ Im veeeeery tempted to go a lil nuts when i get back home and at my tape collection!

  6. bubbles says:

    I don’t own any washi tape but these are amazing… the only thing is I wouldn’t use it enough to invest in it which is a shame

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