How fabulous is this image? It makes me want to find more buttons to collect, some paper flowers and one of those aqua storage baskets! I love it! All of the colours in this image are perfect and just make me very happy indeed. 

Meuk is Leuk is a marvellous blog and as you browse through, you are provided with the most beautiful images and simple creative styling that just shows how Jolanda has creative bones. 

Some of you may recognise this from Selina Lakes Pretty Pastel Style. Looking through that book I knew almost everyones homes! How weird and stalkery did I feel?! There were a few images that stumped me and I did have to check the credits at the back but it just shows you what an obsession with interiors and pastels gets you. (Nothing… I will just drink my tea and get off pinterest.) This image is another one of those – this lady is just creativity personified. 

I love it!! Im going to get my wallpaper scraps and get stitching. I might go and buy some neon thread first! Or metallic thread! Oooh. A fabulous use of pretty papers. 

This is just a gorgeous random image with two of my favourite colours!

some of you may have noticed that I love flowers too :p actually… that stool is the PERFECT colour. If I could find paint like that here in the UK for stools… wood paint (suitable for metal) I would buy it and paint some furniture! I also love that colour on the wall. It’s so fresh!

Some anemones to keep you cheery ^_^

I hope Jolanda’s images have inspired you today ^_^ I need to go out and get some flowers.

Meuk is Leuk Blog

Lots of love Claire xo

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