Marcy Penner’s Organised Craft Room

I couldnt believe my luck when I found Marcys fabulously organized and incredibly well stocked craft room!


Number one – I wish I had this many journalling cards…. and Number two… I wish I was this organized!

I love this little stand type thing with the label in it. Anyone know what its for? Counter displays in a store?

Where would one acquire such pretty baskets? Im currently having a very slow clear out and trying to organize my stash. Im a sucker for new supplies so I am trying my flipin damndest not to buy anything new. I must stay away from Crate Paper.

I have baskets and baskets (all mismatched of course) with paper scraps and the like. So many! Such a clever idea ^_^


I have such a crafty girl crush on Marcy Penner, you dont even know! Lol.. go visit Marcys Blog and see all of her wonderful work. 

Lots of love Claire xo

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