I was so happy to receive the tiny version of this lamp for christmas! I’m starting a family! Of rabbit lamps. Not actual babies.. Just to make that clear. And the most glorious Lisbeth Dahl gifts. I was spoilt by Santa. I realised yesterday that I had only shard my lovely new bits and bobs with instagrammers, tumblrs and flickrererers but not my motley crew blog following.. But I know a lot of you are on those things so probably saw at leas one!
How marvellous are these stacking salt and pepper pots? Matryoshka doll salt and pepper! Get out! Love um ^_^
Also.. I took this little picture on Christmas Eve, she would melt your heart wouldn’t she! And she flippin loves the cuddles.. She would take them off you all day and purr and purr. Sounds perfect huh? She’s a giant greedy fatty. Never full. She’s like a walking cloud.. Seriously. We can’t stop her lol. She got a bag of polystyrene (foot) balls for Christmas and she has been playing but she’s def massive, wee pet!

Look what Iiiiii got. I will do a post about using this as Holly of Decor8 bought one after seeing my Instagram update and as soon as she bought it.. Wanted to return it due to the quality, but after her hubby came to the rescue and showed her how to play about with manual settings Holly loves it! So I think I will share an in depth review for folks as I’ve been getting lots of questions. Hope you guys had a good holiday season.



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