I love this crochet blanket! I didn’t think that I actually would but I definitely do. I like the white/cream granny squares edging and joining ^_^ actually theres another blanket below thats probably my favourite!
I love the colour of this chair! Wish I could have the space for something like this! Although I do have another stool that could do with a wee spray painted makeover.
I love this light!
oooo crochet pot holders a go go!!! I love that decoration on a wall. Its crazy but I love it
*faints* I tried to do this on the wee stool I was making over but it was just too small. Maybe I will try with smaller coasters :p
Gorgeous kitchen colours. I like that wee stool thats half blue and half purple.

ooo such bright light!

This crochet blanket was my favourite! I don’t even know what all those blocks are. Maybe I should get the 200 blocks book. I will have a wee look.
This is very pretty indeed! Its unfortunate that they take so long to make for blankets and things.
Such a gorgeous bedroom! This year Im actually due a wee repaint of my bedroom… getting a bit dingy on the walls and the damp is getting a bit annoying. So I must have a wee look at bedroom inspiration!
Such a beautiful shot ^_^

I love Mimmistaff.. you will be there for hours!



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