Painted and Decoupage Retro Vintage Patterned Crockery From Pilfered

Who doesnt love a little bit of kitschy colourful crockery from time to time?! This pin up coffee pot and the cat below have to be two of my favourites from the Pilfered collection! 

This one especially! But I seem to keep missing them in the shop. 

I love all the paint on the outside of the plates. I know these are decals but I wonder what paint is used! The lime and the purple mix is marvellous ^_^

I am also rather partial to this colour scheme too! I really love the background paper. Ive been on a crazy wallpaper kick recently trying to find some perfect patterns for my house in retro stylee. So expensive!

The colour on this jug has to be one of my favourite colours this season. In fact.. from last spring. I dont know why Ive become so passionate about aqua and mint but I love it! 

How cute is this wee jar? 

The pin up range is fabulous! I love it ^_^ fabulously kitschy cute and at great prices (in my opinion of course)

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Lots of love Claire xo

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