Pretty Party Styling

pink and grey pom pom party

How’s this for a beautifully styled dining room for a little party?! I think it looks fabulous. My favourite element from this decor is the tumbling pom pom arrangement beside the window! I think it might be a lot of peoples favourite actually! I would really love a light shade like the large, grey light shade hanging from the ceiling but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Does anybody have any suggestions? I think that some of these lovely pom poms are from Miss Etoile (my favourite party supplies and baking brand!).

pom pom party with chocolate cupcakes

Aren’t the details in this little ‘First birthday’ party just fabulous? I love how the little cupcake flags marry in with the colours of the straws and the vases! The lovely images from this post and fabulous photography styling is by Elisabeth Heier  (linked below).

pink and grey dinner

On Elisabeth’s blog I had noticed a little category for ‘table styling’ or ‘table setting’ which filled me with pure excitement! This is such a beautiful dining space, with lots of white everywhere, meaning that you can accessorise with colour and create a dramatic effect with very little change. The table above is so simple and understated but it’s absolutely stunning! That shade of purpley pink from the flowers compliments the shades of grey beautifully, the grey is found in the light shade on the ceiling and a lighter shade almost in the linen napkins.

party pom poms

oh! Just look at all of these yummy pom poms, lanterns and honey comb balls. They all add so much fabulous  texture and colour. What shade would you say the dark pinkish colour would be?

flowers on the table

Flowers and pom poms

With all of the rain we have been experiencing recently and grey days, I have been longing for Spring sun and flowers. When I saw these beautiful little posies and beautiful, bright colours, I knew I had to include them in this post.

pink and grey table setting

This is a better view of those gorgeous, linen napkins from the table setting we say above. Using natural bamboo cutlery and some twine, Elisabeth tied everything up in a neat little bow instead of using napkin rings. I think this table setting is so calm and serene that it’s beautiful for any dinner party and would really help to set the mood.

centrepiece flowers

The colour of these flowers matches the shade of pom poms above! How nicely done! I recently found out what these flowers were called after another post had them included, of course I’ve forgotten. hah. That is no surprise!

bamboo party cutlery

Doesn’t this look marvellous? I adore this party setting and Elisabeth has a marvellous blog so be sure to go and visit.

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  1. That lamp shade is probably from tine k home (expensive), but ikea has some similar ones (‘Hemsta’), a bit smaller tho.. I just bought myself a pink one from ikea yesterday :D