Greengate Dish Soap and kitchen brushes

Are you all drooling and green with envy? Yes, me too! Can anybody tell me what the blue storage container is? I love that Cath Kidston scrubbing-brush and Greengate dish washing liquid. These are such pretty sink accessories don’t you think?

ceramic greengate spoons

This glass jar is absolutely beautiful; I can’t be certain where it’s from but I’ve seen something similar for sale in previous ranges from Greengate. I also adore those ceramic spoons that are in said jar. The door knob hooks are a wonderful decorative touch!

Greengate Pastel Kitchen Display Shelves Plate Rack

This picture of a perfect pastel kitchen space almost made me faint! Today’s feature is all about the blog ‘B.Tree’ and the lovely blogger, Britta! Britta’s kitchen is absolutely gorgeous and I want absolutely everything that is contained in it! I have all cream accessories in my kitchen but I’m beginning to doubt that decision; I need a pink bread bin and some aqua kitchen scales in my life. You can see more of Britta’s wonderful kitchen storage and crafts are the jump.

pink bread bin and measuring cups

What kind of utensil is that?! Is it for pouring? Britta has her own Dawanda store and loves to decoupage kitchen accessories and other types of boxes and ‘blank canvases’. I love the greengate patterns used on that pouring utensil and I wish I could find that pattern of napkin again (I know it’s an old pattern from greengate, it matches one of the ceramic spoons above and I think it’s called ‘Millie’).

Greengate Plate Rack and pink enamel bread bin

With each image I can see more and more items that I want to own! Are those measuring jugs in the wooden stand a usual German kitchen ‘utensil’?

greengate pastel home decor kitchen display shelves

I really am quite crazy about all the lovely storage in Britta’s kitchen! I like that CD player and greengate mug tower. It’s fabulous!

painted printers tray and washi tape

I’ve been searching for the perfect painters tray for a long time now; I love what Britta has done to this lovely tray. Even though I am still searching for the perfect tray, I have managed to find some great wall storage that is quite similar only in different shapes. My most recent purchase was a house from H&M that’s still awaiting a paint job, I haven’t quite decided on colours yet ^_^.

greengate bread napkin

*gasp* it’s a beautiful greengate pattern. I am crazy about their textiles! The distressed wooden ladder is a really clever display rack idea for a small space. I’m very impressed with that idea and I might just have to steal it!

knitted hanger cover

This is just a little feature now of some of the wonderful items that Britta has been selling in her dawanda shop. I do love a covered hanger, I’ve got several mismatching hangers all over the house and I love each and every one of them!

crochet mint cushion

I had this beautiful mint green cushion in my dawanda shopping cart one day and when I went back the next day to pay for it, it was gone. “Nooooooo!” it’s my favourite colour *cries* seriously, it’s my favourite colour. For now anyway :p

greengate decoupage wooden tissue box

This wooden box has been decoupaged with greengate napkins after a paint job and I think it looks great! Britta actually did a little bit more with this box and turned it into something rather genius; although I would maybe use the new version to store folded up plastic bags or something ^_^

Handmade cushions and diy tilda lampshade

Finally, a very beautiful cushion or two and a handmade Tilda lampshade. I would love this home. You will love this blog!



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