aren’t these the most glorious little tools for gardening? Yes they’re for kids but theyre perfect for starting my seedlings and getting ready for spring! I got them on ebay by searching ‘Pastel Gardening Tools’ or ‘Childrens Gardening tools’

Progress is progress ^_^

Please forgive my lack of text in my recent posts. Ive badly burnt fingers on my left hand so typing is a real pain when you’re all bandaged up and typing one handed would take me far too long and would definitely annoy the bejesus out of me. Although all those years of piano practice have helped.. its not my natural rhythm and I don’t like it! Im sharing my bits and pieces from instagram and my home that folks seemed to love so much. You guys are especially crazy about my sequin knit bed scarf type thing I use to try and protect my ikea chair! I will take more photos and he can earn his keep ^_^

Lots of love Claire xo

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