I know I’ve told you all about Pilli Pilli before but some time has passed and I think I need to share it again!! I absolutely adore the little pouches and the most inspired embroidery I have ever encountered! A rare talent that keeps producing fabulous items and selling them on etsy. Having stalked this lil lady for a few years now it’s amazing to see how she’s dabbled in certain crafts or styles but has managed to define her very own perfection ^_^

Id love to offer a kind congratulations to the beautifully pregnant pilli pill ^_^ sending much love and affection! I’m feeling very inspired by the pom poms. Eventhough I have plenty, and also pom pom makers/creators but I’ve no idea what to do with them!

I LOVE this ninja kitty notebook and the cat is one of my favourites ^_^ It’s a gorgeous little pouch and I could do with making a large one myself for toiletries but I always have a fear of leakages so I think oil cloth and some other type of lining would be the way forward! 

This little book mark is one her earlier stitching works. Its fabulous to see someones progression in their crafty endeavours. Honing it down to a fine skill as you will see with all the lovely items below ^_^

This notebook cover is terribly sweet! A perfect gift for mothers day or a spring time birthday don’t you think? 

This cosmetic pouch (one of her older designs) would be very popular among little girls I should think! 

I adore the 3d feel of this felted cloud. There were also felted cloud brooches available at one stage which I would absolutely love to own! I don’t really have the patience for embroidery. Although I love the effects and it is very relaxing I need to be in the right mood for it ^_^ same with crochet. Takes forever and I am incredibly impatient :p 

How adorable is this wee book? It could easily be made into a card or passport cover. I love it loads ^_^

Pilli pilli on flickr

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Lots of love Claire xo

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