I love it!!! I always send links as a wish list for items from here lol. AND the winter catalogue arrived in the post the other day. It is fabulous. 

There are some fabulous moodboard type images on the bodie and fou website.. I fully recommend a wee nosey around and if you can afford to spend your money on products, I say – go crazy!

This table is so simple… and the collection of items on top just makes it so cute. I love the vases too with the typewriter on it ^_^

 House Doktor… of course. Of course!! Who else could it be?! How beautiful is this heart lace print? They’re available in different colours too. Shown below.

These are some wooden spools with ribbon and some beautiful votive and vases in floral ceramic. Gorgeous! All of it! I wish I had the money and could also justify any of these purchases.

Ive wanted one of these ceramic owl vases or candle stick holders for the longest time. I would feel terrible if his wee head got covered in wax! I love the whole set up here; not only for an image set up but as a living space it is gorgeous.  I would just sit and stare around all day!

Do I need to say anything about this image? Oh wait yes! The billy button pins! Gimie gimie gimie!

See? Cute huh? That wall light is insane. I really like it and I also love the colour on the wall. It’s also like a light grey that compliments the picture too. Love it. Enjoy lovelies!

Lots of love Claire xo

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  • becky says:

    Oh I love the ceramic votives and the owl, really cute.Thenext to the last photo is adorable.Lovely shot of colors.Blessings!

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