Flowers-Jug lilac-RICE-DK-Chair Pastel-Bannister Pastel-Dinner-ware Rice-DK-Crockery Rice-DK-Hanger-Storage Rice-DK-Jugs RICE-DK-paper-fans Rice-DK-Party-Tableware Rice-DK-Party-things Rice-DK-Party Rice-DK-Pastel-Ceramics Rice-DK-Thermos-Jugs Rice-DK-Tupperware Rice-DK-wallpaper-roller Rice-DK-Wooden-spoons

I can’t believe it’s already the time of year that all the autumn and winter ranges are released from your favourite stores! I knew full well to expect it, seeing as there are so many sales around but still! I feel like that crept upon me rather quickly! I really love the pastel shades that are part of the Rice DK autumn, winter 2014 range.

There are some fabulous products in this range and I’ve struggled to pick my favourites. I love the chair with the coral/peach painted legs and the peach painted bannister! I think that’s the owners home that we’ve ben so lucky to get a little peek at ^_^

What is your favourite item? What do you think of the new pastel shades for this season? I’m delighted! Not that you can tell :p



  • Oh I love Rice dk! Especially the fleecy blankets with the crochet edges! X

  • I love pastels always :) The glittery edged paper flowers are lovely, the hobnail milk glass – wonderful colours!! – and the basket weave carafes are great! Thanks for the intro to Rice – I think I’ll be spending some serious time on their site!

  • Maria says:

    Aah! I want all of the jugs and tumblers! Aaaand.. everything with birds ;D and dots! And Rosa, the dog? 😉
    Oh I just spotted the cutting boards! Want that too :p

  • Kelsea Echo says:

    The pastel shades are STUNNING! The last photo (of the serving utensils) reminds me of a project I saw on Darby Smart where you decorate the tips of your wooden serving utensils. Now I want to try it. And browse the Rice DK site for an hour. :)

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