Ooooh these pictures make me giddy!!! I need lights for my stair way! My whole house needs painted uber white! I looooove it! Ok, calm down Claire… and breathe… Who is ready for christmas? 

Look at these glorious little gifts. Are these decorations? I am very tempted to just wrap little boxes for decorative purposes.

I love these berries. They are beautiful. Probably from a tree but does anyone know what these are? I love the dishes too. Gorgeous. 

I have cinnamon sticks that require a beautiful little glass jar for decoration purposes. Although I do like putting cinnamon sticks on the radiator to make the house smell all lovely.  

oooooo ^_^ give me a go on that!

This dining room is just absolutely stunning. The decorations are just beautiful. Including the apples and furry rug on the chair. 

Can you see that reindeer?! Omg! i love it! And all the little decor ^_^ I really love the fireplaces in Scandinavia and how they are built in to the corners. Theyre stunning. I just imagine so much lovely warmth. 

Are those Tine K bowls? 

The colours I chose for my christmas journal/december daily are matching the sofa cushions perfectly! 

A glorious mis match of colours but I absolutely adore them. The white just makes it all perfect to me. 

I have 3 of these mercury candlesticks. I just need about 15 more! I love them. *sighs* Christmaaaas tiiiime! 

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Lots of love Claire xo

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