Welcome to #20 of the Notebook Ideas column! In the last post I mentioned that I would be revisiting items on my list and giving a more in dept look either into my own notebooks/journals or those of others who inspire me. Today the queen of colour Alisa Burke is the subject of my colour loving ^_^

I love Alisa Burke, as a lot of you will know i’ve taken both her sketchbook delight classes but you can also find some free resources on her blog such as this beautiful colour journal! There are also ideas on using patterns etc if you go nosing through the archives!
I loved this idea so much I have decided to keep my own colour journal.. I haven’t got very far but my intention is there hahaa. I definitely need to include a colour wheel because even when Im working with painted backgrounds I struggle with what colours should be used that compliment each other perfectly.
Just look at those lovely layers! I am hoping to use some of my off cuts of shop fabric to inspire me with my colours and patterns but I think I should maybe start with the basics first!
I love these colours! Coral is my colour of the season so this is beautiful ^_^
A great idea to figure out all the colours and shades you can get out of one watercolour pan.
oOooo a mini pink mood board! I love keeping mood boards in my notebooks. I do it quite regularly indeed. Especially for my decorating ideas! I just rip things out of magazines and jam them in an A4 craft notebook.

Think I have to get some paint chips from the DIY place and possibly print out a colour wheel… or find one in a paint brochure if I am lucky. Although I don’t think I would glue it in. Maybe attach an envelope in the front so I can use it regularly. Such a fab idea. Cant wait to get more pages done ^_^

Alisa Burkes Original Post on Keeping a Colour / Color Journal

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Washi Tape Graphic (Top image) from Pugly Pixel


I love the little notebooks that Danni from Oh Hello Friend blog makes for her friends and family. Just some sweet little memory keepers that are adorable and lovingly made. Since I got myself some envelope templates from Korea Ive been saving old envelopes I receive in the post with the intention of turning inside out and making into a mini envelope for a journal… none made yet but my intentions are there!

 I love the stitching on the front cover and the random bits of ephemera on the inside. I love to see how people work with little journals and notebooks.. its always very interesting! 

This is so cute! I would really appreciate someone making something like this for me but I don’t know if many of my friends or family would. Maybe my mum…nothing for them to fill in by themselves anyway! 

I think this wee set is my favourite with the cute vintage patterns and coloured envelopes ^_^

You can tell this second little notebook set is for a girl and not her partner ^_^ I love the colour! Those washi tapes are also quite pretty.  

Lots of hidden notes for keeping memories and cuteness! The blocked colours are fabulous and really make the wee vintage pattern really pop. I also love the stitched details on the little tags and pieces throughout the notebook. 

 I really want some of those notebook paper glassine bags!! Too cute for their own good. 

A great idea and very adorable. I find i need washi tape for keeping things safe in envelopes inside art journals or notebooks. Speaking of which…. my 2012 art journal is already quite full!I might need another one!

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As we fast approach Mothering sunday here in the UK there are many ideas floating around in my head for gifts which I have done but what I want to do is capture those moments with my mum ^_^ I plan to have a wee book or at least a few journal pages in my journal. I realised though that it has actually taken me a few years to figure out why I do art journaling. I have done a few classes and the like all about ‘creating’ for the heck of it but I actually wanted a purpose.. I have so many tickets and cute business cards and little momentos I want to keep that are either in a drawer or stuck on a cabinet.. if i keep them in a journal then it’s easier for me to remember those moments as  I would be concentrating on them lots for the purposes of journalling but it was a journey to get to that realisation! The same reason people keep photo albums I guess only I actually date and remember these times :p

I discovered these fabulous images posted by little seed blog a while ago and I knew I had to share with my lovely readers ^_^ These are to aid you in your journaling journey. To figure out who you are and why you want to keep these books.

This image is a series of little prompts for you to do –
“IDEAS – Imagine or create a story using your alter ego.” Do you have an alter ego? Like the fabulous Tiff of Dottie angel? I don’t… hmm.. I have named my sewing machine and my typewriter.. I like to think of them as friends but I personally am just challenging my ‘Creative Claire’ when I go to those tools. I can’t believe Ive never named a camera! O_O My number one tool! Anywho…

Dedicate a page to your goals/prayer requests (not for me but you guys might find that idea very useful and helpful for keeping focus ^_^).
Enjoy a particular movie or book? Write your own review – why you liked it and what you learnt from it.
Answer the questions you get asked the most! Create a little FAQ about you. (I don’t get asked many questions. The only ones that I can think of that get asked repeatedly are “what do you want for dinner and what do you want from the shop” lol. Answer.. don’t know and chocolate. (just as i wrote that I remembered I had a bag of mini eggs beside me muahaha awesome!))
Select several of your favourite quotes and record them throughout your journal. “

Why would anyone journal?

“Journal to.. Organize your thoughts and think clearly,
Know yourself better and develop your own artistic voice.
Remember important events.
Express your ideas and creativity.
Share your thoughts.
Have fun!”

Now for some excellent Journaling tips!

“Paper Clips make excellent bookmarks (true, rubber bands also make great -stuff in your journal and hope it stays there-security around your journal)

Jot down your goals with check boxes next to them

Put your thoughts into a poem

Write a letter and sign it

Scrapbook some pages with drawings, stickers, photos etc.

Write inside thought balloons.

Draw your emotions, your favourite outfits or any interesting observations.

Have other people write notes in your journal.

Make your journal into a memorable item – something you would want to keep and look back on”.

Fabulous ideas from a wonderful illustrator!

Done and done! A lot of those mismatch in with some of Keri Smiths fabulous books and ideas. Keri Smith is an excellent journalling resource ^_^ Especially her 100 ideas if you print them out, cut em up and stick them in a jar then select at random.

Little Seed (disclaimer – contains religious content)

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As you will be able to see from the dodgey instagram image below – I had an A4 Orla Kiely Sketchbook for about 2 years because it was a4 size and I don’t really like using that large size so it lay dormant… until I realised it wouldn’t be a terrible thing if I chopped it up and made it into some usable!
This is the sketchbook in its natural A4 format! I just chopped it in half and punched the holes for binder rings. I also secured the holes with eyelets.
This is my inside cover a first page from the first week of January. I did quite a lot of journalling in January.. I may need to get a small binder to secure things. For march onwards I will need to start another. The calendar and image here on the inside cover is from Debee Ruiz inspire lovely shop. The 33 ways to stay creative is something I blogged about at the start of the year also. ^_^
I just wrote some little goals on a post -it – the illustrated post it was from korea. I was lucky that the little washi tapes I got matched delightfully well.
The happy birthday page is just some black circle stickers and i stuck the journalling inside a glassine bag.
I missed a page when I was shooting! The page of writing is some practice I had done for the letter lab class. The following was an envelope I received one of my super cute MT Washi Tape zines in from Jenna Templeton which I also blogged about ^_^
I felt like I should definitely journal about how the house was heated in winter – mostly with candles ^_^

I got a lovely package of zines and ephemera from Natty Malik on etsy with a fabulous business card and pretty packaging (I highly recommend the zines and typography ebook) so I blogged about it! And also… the shoes from the h&m catalogue.. of which I bought several. This page was inspired by amy tangerine ^_^

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